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Today’s Teacher…

Today’s Teacher…

Teaching job is being considered at one of the noble jobs, since old days, and will continue to be one, with, the modern teaching technique being coming the way, it’s becomes important that they transform and adapt to the changing educational landscape.

The traditional role of a teacher, which has been in existence, has been to deliver classroom teaching, which will facilitate the students to learn and to achieve their life objective. Thus, the teacher should prepare lesson plans, impart knowledge, evaluate their performance, meet parents, professional development and also guide them thorough feedbacks and counselling, create classroom materials, take them thorough the curriculum to meet their goals.

Till date, there is no guider on what a teacher has to perform, no road map has been created which is safe and sailable, however with the modern technology come into play, digital teaching skills, newer skills, the modern teaching skills that need to be acquired on the professional front by the teacher.Few qualities that will help are;  being Adaptable, is eager to learn over and again, be Confident enough to handle situation, need be a Team Player and should be able to build on networking, should be Approachable &Committed, Critical Thinking becomes very important coupled with Emotional Intelligence and Empathy. Possessing good Interpersonal skill and being Creative is of outmost importance.One should also be, equally compassionate and empowering. Now a days, its important one is technologically active which will help not only to connect with the digital ear but also should be able to protect on its usage & restriction.

The ability to teach comes to few who are born with qualities and are leaders, and many others need to work to meet the status of being a good teacher. Irrespective of the category one fall, it is crucial that the above qualities are inculcated to great a lasting impression.

Ms. Dimple Mudholkar

Teacher – Empower Tutorials.


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