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The Short Message Culture.

The Short Message Culture.

Smartphones revolution, and its usage has become an integral part of our lives, the same time it has created lots of distraction as well, and the worst part being it has not left anyone including the school going children’s. Its use or rather overuse is evident in the students as well.

With the habit of messaging app’s and social media there has been a culture and habit that has paved its way into a different type of communication and usage of English, while there is no doubt that it has eaten up the experience of writing amongst the children’s, at the same time it has also destroyed the fundamental of English as language completely.

The usage of short words those are used in messaging are often used by children’s in their journals, homework assignments like, g8 for great, U for You, Pic for Pictures, Ryt for right and Bcoz for because.  Languages have lots is shine and glamour.

We, as teacher often come across such short messages while checking test and examination papers and sometimes it leaves us in a question, as to where are we headed as a society?  It’s time to make children realize the proper utilization of these gadgets.  It won’t be of surprise that sometime soon we will have to add a curriculum on ‘ethical usage of these gadgets’ as it is also a power educative tool.  While the smartphone culture has completely lot’s its allure and rich inheritance that it carried.  Lot many times they don’t differentiate between a what’s app messaging and writing examination paper.

Apart from the languages, there are other aspects which the students are losing upon, for any simple calculation they need calculators, they lack the ability to memories spellings, because they can use the option of spell check/auto type options, none of them believe in memorizing the numbers as all numbers are stored in the contact list. There is lack of formal communication and verbal interaction and this is affecting their abilities to speak in forums and during presentations is what I have found. It has taken away the writing skills students these days are not able to remember spellings because of use of these short letter, add to this they are also unable to write descriptive answers, books are being replaced by smartphones, and many students now a days try to find means and ways of quick learning by assessing reading materials on smartphones without checking the correctness of the content uploaded there.

While I as a teacher agree should be a role model when it comes to communication and guiding students, however, the assessment here too needs to be done technologically in formal communication, may be in written or spoken forms, like assignments on email etc. can be used.

So, for a students who intends to be a doctor, during his clinical practice, and for diagnosis of any diseases smart phone will not help, but it would be the knowledge one has acquired from the books that he/she read, the professors, teachers he/she discussed or explained about the topic. Reading books also helps one’s memory, analytical skill, thinking and writing skills and over all expands the vocabulary.

Ms Aarti Jagtap,


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