What Our Students say about Empower
Prasanna Patwardhan
GRADE 9, ICSE|Mathematics
What I like most about Empower Tutorials is the emphasis on practise,practise and more practise. I have solved each and every sum from my text book and few reference books. Also lots of self-practice of science topics .i.e. physics numericals, chemistry equations balancing, biology diagram based questions & objectives.Extremely helpful for exam scoring and confidence boosters.

Anushka S.
GRADE 10, CBSE|Science
Previously I was disinterested in studies. I had a very poor academic record. My marks in Science were very poor. Post enrolling in Empower Tutorials, now I scored 43/ 50 and 46/50 in my past two exams.

Bhagyashri Hood
GRADE 8, ICSE|Mathematics
My Maths score was low due to silly mistakes and less confidence. It was 2/20 & 30/80 in past standard. Efforts of my teachers at Empower Tutorials, transformed my marks into 66/80 in class 8th. There has been a drastic improvement in my results. All thanks to teachers here, my confidence levels are high.

Naman Shetty
GRADE 9, SSC|Science
My grasping was very poor. I used to take time in understanding the concepts due to poor basic knowledge. But at Empower Tutorials, the teachers took efforts in improving my basics. Constant efforts were taken by teachers here guiding me. Now I am a quick learner. This helped improve my marks in Science-1 38/40, Science 2 36/40

Pranamya Jalan
GRADE 9, ICSE|Mathematics
Student|Aundh, Pune
I was an introvert student. Very shy and taciturn, with constant encouragement from my teachers here at Empower Tutorials, now I talk with confidence and ask relevant questions. Education at Empower has made me self-confident and now I can express myself

Om Pai
GRADE 9, CBSE|Mathematics
Student|Bavdhan, Pune
All the teachers of Empower Tutorials are very helpful and make the students feel comfortable to learn the subject in which they are weak and help make the student confident.

Menanki Shekhawat
GRADE 9, ICSE|Mathematics
All the teachers of Empower Tutorials are very friendly and make our concepts clear, they also guide us about how to write our exams. They also give us tips for the same. There are tests after every topic which has helped me to revise the chapter.

Om Singh
GRADE 9, SSC|Mathematics
Student|Bavdhan, Pune
I was not able to understand the explanation of the school teacher, but after I joined this class, I am able to solve difficult questions and understand the method and the lessons. I used to fail in some subjects, but after joining Empower I pass all the subjects and I am a topper in some subjects too! The classes are clean and the atmosphere is students-friendly. I can ask my doubts time and again and I always get the answers.

Joy Herbert
GRADE 10, SSC|Maths & Science
Student|Bavdhan, Pune
I am Joy from 10th SSC Board. Main subjects of concern were Sci and Maths.I was very weak in sci and maths.The teachers at Empower have been taking lots of efforts to make my base clear. I have been solving lots of papers which has boosted my confidence. I am confident of facing my final exams.

Manav Paturkar
GRADE 9, ICSE|Maths & Social Studies
Student|Warje, Pune
I repeated class in 8th standard, due to poor performance. Post enrolling in Empower Tutorials, my Mathematics and Social Studies marks have increased substantially, and I topped few tests as well. Now I also help other students in solving their mathematics doubts! Teachers say that, I ask precise and relevant doubts

Pragati Londhe
GRADE 10, CBSE|Maths & Science
Student|Warje, Pune
I’ve been in empower since 8th Standard, Three years in empower has made my base of Science and Maths very very strong. Student friendly atmosphere and expert teachers have played a very important role. Empowers methodology of learn, Practice and test is very effective, constant feedback plays a very important role. Chapter wise test and periodic test helped a lot. A lots of emphasize is given on written work which has let me to gain -94.60%. Thank you to all the teachers of empower and it’s only because of their immense efforts.

Siddhartha Dhurve
GRADE 10, ICSE|Maths & Science
Hello, I am Sidhhartha and I was always from the sports field and was never too inclined to studies. The credit of creating interest in studies goes to my teachers at empower. The timely feedback and guidance help me to understand difficult concepts very easily. All these things help me to achieve this great result, I have gained 94.40% in my 10th ICSE final year examination.

Vedant Tapkir
GRADE 10, ICSE|Maths & Science
I joined empower 2 years back, my major problem were silly mistake in Maths and science, the teacher at empower make sure I practice Maths small test and a lot of personal attention were given to me. I solved lot of Maths paper in last three months due to such hard work I got 94.2% in 10th ICSE exam.