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Technology in Education…

Technology in Education…

Technology in education has seen a sudden spurt with lot of content being floated on the internet and the channels over the last couple of years with all of the stake holders, the teachers, students including the decision makers at large exploring the benefits of the technology, that can be used to ascertain its impact either ways, positive as well as negatively.

Lately its being noticed that lots of technological aspect are introduced in experimenting various teaching methods as it helps larger engagement of students in self learning as well as in classroom teaching. However, there are divided viewpoints on the way it distracts students and inculcate the habit of copy paste and cheating, being less attentive, less socially communicative

Today’s generation are digitally advanced because they are grown up with a technology, even a 2 year kid is able to operate a phone and lead to the channel of his/her interest and is able to explore game apps and video’s, having said this it’s also a skill that needs to be acquired for a later stage of one’s life and career.

While technology has brought in new ways of learning and enhancing engagement and induced the habit of self-learning it has also taken away the interaction between the teacher and students in the classrooms. Hence it could be culprit or maybe it can be utilized for engagement and effectiveness in the students of the present generation.

Considering the above aspects, I hereby list some of the advantages and disadvantageous of the technology in education.

The Advantage:

  1. Builds the habit of active learning and participation, which enables more engagement amongst the students in the classroom.
  2. Latest update on the subject can be procured and help keep the students well informed and updated, learning becomes effective and can match individual learning style.
  3. The role of teachers moves from merely being a teacher but makes them adviser and a motivator.
  4. Lots of new opportunities, make them more creative and above all being technologically literate is more important, gaining proper online etiquette is absolutely necessary.
  5. It incorporates different ways of learning, can explore different techniques and use technology to save time by using tools like editing, correcting spellings.
  6. Teachers can use video’s, audio recording and presentations to couple with lessons for better teaching and explanation.
  7. Its helps students to communicate with their fellow students and teachers and further helps create flexible learning culture which helps to innovate newer idea and approaches.
  8. Get access to fresh information which can help them add to their learning experience, help students prepare for future which will be governed by technology for communication and collaborating

The Disadvantage:

  1. It takes away the focus and seriousness towards learning and creates distraction amongst students as learning becomes secondary and concentration is on operating the computer/tab during lectures and many tend to spend time on social apps.
  2. The copy-paste culture, students have lost the skill on writing, and with the present examination system in schools writing is going to stay,students are learned and know answers to the question but the copy paste culture and app learning has reduced their ability to write, unable to attempt all question duringexaminations due to lack of writing skills end up losing marks due to paucity of time.
  3. The teachers are not equipped or trained on the implementation of these techniques properly. Interaction based learning is the best way to acquire knowledge, as it helps one to keep researching than being dependent on it.
  4. With all the curriculum available on the website students are becoming more non attentive in the classrooms or skip school.
  5. Its creating poor study habits because students often surf internet to find solutions to problem than solve it the traditional way, which helps to gain concept clearance and its subsequent usage.
  6. Many are not aware of the spellings and use tools like spell- checker thus restricting them from learning the correct spelling.
  7. Lots of website have wrong information about a topic, which many times are merely copy pasted over the internet without being checked if they are genuine.

Hence, it’s clear that the advantages overweigh the disadvantages, but most importantly a teacher- student interaction will be the key to ensure proper learning, understanding and implementation.  Technology will never replace the teacher, but collaborations will help to pioneer, this will need joint efforts between the tutor and the learner.  However, at the end technology will lead to newer experience, new innovations and learning collaborations.

Sanjeevani Garaty


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