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Career beyond, A doctor or an engineer…

Career beyond, A doctor or an engineer…

When it comes to careers,  we Indian’s tend to move to more remunerative   and shielded field like Engineering  and Medicine, parents too, insist their children opt Science as a subject to have a great career. The choices are between Arts, Science and Commerce, when challenged with prospect of choosing a career, very few would be able to make an informed decision.
However, the profession should be one which suits our skill and taste, and the autonomy to select what he/she has to be has to be left to the individual, however with peer pressure and guidance from parents, get into what they don’t want to or what they aren’t good at.  Even today, after so much of advancement, still many believe that “Doctor” and “Engineer” are the only lucrativeprofession.
Here, let us explorevarious other career options beyond the “two”, being impartial and open children should be exposed to all career opportunities.

  1. Aviation Courses – This industry has seen an upward trend and with the passenger traffic increasing and with government initiatives to have more destination, over the last one year there has been a increase of ~5% on the passenger traffic and equal on the freight traffic, moreover the international freight traffic growth is much higher. Hence the job opportunities for graduates with a passion for this career the offering is wide.

Children can choose their choice of industry and courses post 12th standard, listed are the few popular courses

  • Airfare and Ticketing Management
  • Airport Management
  • Commercial Pilot Training
  • Aviation Hospitality
  • Ground Cabin Crew and Staff training
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  1. Bachelor of Architecture: It is a 5 year course post higher secondary education, after which one is a quality licensed and professional architect with job offerings from both in Private Sector as well as Government Sector, with the country infrastructure development on its peak, both in the private sector,- shopping malls, commercial complex, housing for all, luxuries flats, high end hotels and resorts, to name few, and government plan to focus on flyovers, 4 / 8 lanes roads, metro’s, has improved job opportunities for architects, apart from entrepreneurial avenues. Here the decision has to be to acquire degree from institute of repute to be placed in leading firms/corporates.
  2. Business Administration- (BBA/MBA) – Business opportunities are increasing with governments focus on “Make in India” doors are open to venture into multiple business avenue available, this requires certain set of skills in managing and running business, this 3- years bachelor degree course can be the best choice. In addition to your child can also look at Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) which is also a 3year duration course and can be pursued post 12th Science. BMS and BBA can train one to build a management professional career. Add to this, the child can also seek Master of Business Administration (MBA) to enhance job prospects and move up the corporate ladder, but again this too has to be procured from reputed management schools/institutes which trains well on business aspects coupled with presentation skills, public speaking, command over spoken and written English language, learning other languages like German, French, is not only beneficial but is also considered to have improved memory, problem solving, and critical thinking skill.

4.Bachelor of Dental Surgery: – BDS as it’s called, is a 5 year course post 12th standard, the child should belong tobiology stream, there are plenty of job opportunities post acquiring the dentistry degree, this professional field has 100% job placement, if one intent to study further can acquire MDS. Its scores over a plain MBBS.
5.Degree in Pharmacy: Many opt to peruse interest in medicine but since being unable to win a seat in medicine,  can consider B. Pharmacy course, post the higher secondary education one can peruse this 4 year course to get the license &to practice as a pharmacist, here the job opportunities are both in public and private sector those like prescription, manufacturing- pharma companies,there are opportunities in field of Sales and Marketing,  Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Production, Drug Inspector, Hospital Pharmacist, Analytic Chemist.
6.Bachelor of Science : One of the most sought after degree which gives you various opportunities to study in diverse area including IT, Aviation, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Bioinformatics, to name few, IT companies too recruit candidates from B.Sc stream. In addition to this the children’s can also go for Master in Science, for a promising career. Opportunities in Agriculture, Research etc are in abundance.   One can obtain a degree in the following stream:

  • Hotel Management
  • Nautical Science
  • Horticulture
  • Electronic & Communication
  • Biotechnology
  • Mathematics
  • Forestry
  • Chemistry

7.Bachelor in Hotel Management:-Hotel Management similar to Engineering degree is a graduate program of 4 years, this industry too is scaling up in leaps & bounds thus providing huge opportunity both in hotel industry as well as travel industry, as a job seeker and again as an entrepreneur, added qualification of MBA degree further lifts the opportunity to get one job in the overseas market as well, but again its important to choose best of the institutes across the country and avoid getting into any local certification courses for the sake of getting certified.
8.Diploma Courses :– Few possess varied interest, may be in music, arts painting fashion designing, Jewellery Designing, Education technology, Animation and Multimedia Print or Media Journalism, Event-management, Banking and Finance, Teaching, Retail Management Short Film making, editing etc these courses are of shorter duration ranging for a just few months or maximum a year, one can go for these courses post 12th standard and would get decent job’s.
9.Course in Fashion Design:- Lots of us have passion for fashion & designing can focus and sharpen their inbuild skills, the courses are designed in such a way that its help one build ground work in the designing sense, to conceptualization, research and improve one’s artistic expression. This course are specially meant for those children’s who have creative and artistic mindset. These courses, should be opted if and only if one has inclination and interest towards this,

  • Interior Designing
  • Designing in Accessories, Leather, Interior.
  • Textile Designing
  • Fashion Design & technology
  • Furniture designing, Textile Designing
  • Product Design.

10.Marine Course:-If one loves travelling and is keen to explore varied cultures, explore the beautiful sea and also make a decent salary? Then, one can look at exploring the marine field post your 12th standard, you can begin with a Diploma in Marine Engineering degree, or procure degree in the following, this is the job which will not only earn decent salary as mentioned but lots of perks and benefits, short courses are also available like GME, DECK rating, GP rating Saloon & Engine Rating, NCV Courses

  • Maritime Science
  • Ship Building & Repair
  • Logistic and Shipping
  • Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering.
  • Nautical Science

11.Chartered Account and Company Secretary :- This course is meant forcommerce stream children, prior to joining of these coursesthe child should ask themselves, if they are interested in Accounts, Finance and Practical subjects, does one enjoy playing with big figures, interest in learning various law & theory subjects, willing to relocate to bigger cities& is keen to devote time and period in studying.

  • Chartered Account: It is again a 4 years course post 12th standard,  this course is certified by Institute of Chartered Accountant of India,  for smooth compliance of the complex taxation system this country has, the CA’s are in more demand starting from smaller business to big corporates all need them, for filing Income Tax, GST, Account and Book keeping, Costing and overall financial management.
  • Company Secretary : This is also  4 year course post 12th standard, developed and regulated by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, here too, opportunities are huge, every company with more than 5cr of paid up share capital is mandated to have a full time Company Secretary. Further they can also can practise for  Business Registration, Corporate Law Consultancy, Secretarial Audit and   Due Diligence, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law, Securities Law, Merger, Acquisition, Winding up, and Corporate Restructuring.

With so many options to explore, it wise enough to take course which interest you the most and where you are able to identify yourself with, no point in getting influenced by anyone. There are multiple career guidance options available it would be of most important to seek such assistance to make a better choice, career counselling is still based on Observation or experience, children needs to made to explore all the available opportunities, it should be the period of evolutionary than revolutionary.

Thus, we at Empower Tutorial & Learning, understand the importance of making a right career choice and stress more in assisting each child to choose a thriving career.

Sanjeevani Garaty

Director, Empower Learning


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