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Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Development of personalized curriculum for a student based on detecting his/her knowledge through diagnostic testing is how Artificial Intelligence deals with, in Education. Such diagnostic through a system can tell us the quality of knowledge the student possesses in three hours which a teacher who spent 3 years with the student would not know.

The Concept of KST – Knowledge Space Theory- is being largely used by education companies – KST is used when to i) assess the knowledge of the student & ii) efficiently provide advice to the student for their further study. So, in normal language KST seek use of mathematical language to define and track knowledge points of a student, the knowledge point forms a picture of an individual/student for that particular subject which he was adjudged for.

 ALEKS:Assessment & Learning in Knowledge Space- is a web based AI, assessment & learning system it uses adaptive questioning to ascertain the actual knowledge of the student on that particular course or subject, and let the student know the best course that he/she can choose or is ready to learn, not only this, the system further monitors the learning of the student to let them know how much of the learning is retained, its done by way of multiple questions, hence this has derived that a student who has higher level of mastery on these courses tend to be successful in the actual course they opt for! The process is like- once the students start appearing for it and gives correct answers, post evaluating the result,  it moves to the next topic, simultaneously it keeps updating the graph on the learning and understanding status of the student, further it also ensures that those topics which are studied earlier are represented by question to ensure long term memory retention.

AI in Education: Education sector is disintegrated and is now gaining importance and popularity over the past few years with many new entrants into the industry, including those countries which were less focused on technologically innovative based education system, they too have embraced to this change. US was the main player in this sector, now with more and more participants into this field sooner vendors working on education willbe  soon entering into the EMEA and APAC regions.

The latest trend that we see to come through in this field and that would help build the quality of education would be

  • Support: AI makes study programs advanced to guide and help student work on their weakness, and concept, the tutors can support students beyond classroom hours many sooner we will have 24×7 support. Apps are being created by companies which uses data on each student to provide customized support outside classroom.
  • Management Task: It has been notice that lots of time is spent on the management activities in schools by teachers like grading homework, computing responses from the students, evaluating their test papers post conducting test, there is solution to this as well, who can help automate this and such other related administration task, which includes teacher leaves, admission process, sharing of marks with parents and seeking feedback/discussion, and this helps the teachers and management save time for quality work including interaction with students and lesson planning.
  • Virtual Reality – Immersive Classroom: Practical learning and the experience out of this is really helpful in the overall development of the students, all would agree the old traditional ways of teaching has its own limitations through artificial intelligence this can be blended helping students to be a part of it by usage of mixed and virtual reality.

Hence, it is evident, that AI in this sector will lead to more and more personalized way of learning, teaching and learning process will be completely taken over by technology, but it will also be important to get this rolling in a cost-effective based solution. The present world including students are glued to internet and has taken off the attention span that the student has, and with advent use of social media apps it has become easy to find solution to their queries through Wikipedia and good. Thus, to cater to such fast changing & moving generation its necessary for the educational institutes to be equally active and move out of the traditional mode of teaching.

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