About Us

Empower Education started in 2013 as a small coaching institute in Pune and seven years down the line , Empower Education is an organization with a strong presence in Offline as well as Online education space.
The field of education is a vast ocean with no boundaries for those who are hungry for knowledge. School education or any other formal education is an important means to gain knowledge. It is the knowledge gained during your school education that acts as a foundation for your career path and sets the tone for the future. Today’s student however is constantly under the pressure to cope with multiple tasks and limited time to complete the task. It is therefore very important to create certain tools which will contribute to the student’s knowledge and also make the process enjoyable and interesting.
At Empower Education we have a strong team of technical experts/ scholars from the field of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies & Literature who have been great teachers throughout their lives. It is our constant endeavour to simplify the complexity of the subject and make the process of education enjoyable. It is extremely important for us to boost the confidence of our students to face any challenge in studies and in life. We believe in building strong foundations and concept clarity and the marks in examination will follow. Thus going for Excellence in Education.
Empower Education specializes in ICSE,CBSE, SSC with a unique methodology of Learn, Practice and Test which is a class apart. With quality content, discipline, personal attention, expert teachers, variety of tests and timely feedback Empower Education has proven that there is no substitute to professional and systematic approach to education. Because of this scientific approach, the students of Empower Education are touching greater heights year on year, setting new benchmarks.


Empower students with quality education, develop a good attitude, values and to make them love learning, both through classroom, and learn on their own.


Vision at Empower is to make the learning process easier, simple with a new approach in the learning process.