About Us

Dear Parents & Students,
Welcome to Empower Tutorials, we are an institution priding itself not only in fostering academic excellence but also in making our students’ educational experiences satisfying, such that students will remember fondly their time at Empower Tutorials for the rest of their lives.
It is a privilege to announce that Empower Tutorials has now grown into its 7th year. Throughout this journey of 7 years we have come across hundreds of unique students whom we have taught and nurtured and grown with. Each year came with its own challenges and we triumphed over it, proving that struggle is an important catalyst in the process of growth and learning. Over the period we have helped students achieve their desired grades by inculcating a proper study pattern in their academic goal.
Our students achieve their potential in a caring and supportive environment We foster a positive open relationship between staff, parents & students. The best results in education are achieved when the home and the institute are working in harmony. We welcome the interaction of our parents, your visits, your recommendations and suggestions at all times. I thank you all for always being there by our side.



Empower students with quality education, develop a good attitude, values and to make them love learning, both through classroom, and learn on their own.


Vision at Empower is to make the learning process easier, simple with a new approach in the learning process.