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Some Study Habits…

Some Study Habits…

A steady pattern of habits for study which has to be developed right from pre-school and done come instant during the period of exam it’s a continuous process and can’t be achieved in a day, week or a month prior to the examinations. Few habits that should be adopted are:

  • Writing down notes in the classroom this has to begin from class VIIth onwards as it will help concentration in the classroom and what the teach is talking/teaching/explaining.
  • It’s also important that the Junior talk to their seniors- say a standard VIth student talking to standard VIIIth student about the tips on revisions required, method adopted and being used.
  • Study on your own, it’s also important to do the homework by oneself and to seek any help.
  • Irrespective its holiday or a school day, even if the school does not give homework, its suggested to sit and read books for a specified time every day.
  • Copying notes and answers from your classmates/friends will never help you to understand the concept, understanding concepts and usage of these concepts help you at the later stage of your career.
  • Attending all the lectures/class session is of outmost important for understanding the concept.
  • Reading without understanding and co relating the concept won’t help to retention and develop recollection abilities.
  • There is no difference in playing a video game for a while and learning to just write an examination, writing is very important, the more you write the better for you.
  • While you would have noticed few of your classmates/friends reading loudly, because it helps one to focus on the content being read.
  • For form a good habit a systematic approach is required.

While, it’s not too late to begin and fall in place to follow few of these systematic approaches, am sure it will ensure one to shape and form a better pattern of study habits.  For any queries write to info@empowertutorials.com

Wishing you all the best,

Sanjeevani Garaty

Director – Empower Education.

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