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Last Minute Preperation……..

Last Minute Preperation……..


As we approach towards February students start feeling that there is a lot of portion to cover in less time. Given the fact that there are ten vast subjects, one cannot waste time in deciding what is to be given importance to while studying and what not.

Math’s is one such important subject which requires extensive practice and dedication till the last moment. Lot of us don’t practice daily which is required.

However, if we following these some important but simple tips can help score good marks in the Mathematics.

• Efforts needs to be put on practicing formulae repeatedly. Formula’s are key in solving question. If, we don’t remember or understand the formula to be applied in a given question/problem chances are we may end up not be able to solve it and thus losing marks.

• Efforts should be made to practice as many questions possible, especially those tricky questions. This will prevent chances of errors in the exam and build confidence.

• Stress upon practicing statement-based questions not only from books try solving various question papers, chapter by chapter. By doing so, one can ensure to have covered various type of question on a particular topic.

So, while preparing for the exam is important, performing well in the exam is equally important. Follow these basic tips while in the examination hall.

• Read or scan the paper for first 2-5 minutes before starting to write. This will help one, to develop a thought process and remember answers and formulae till the end.

• Should also try and complete the paper at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time and reserve the last 15 minutes for checking whether there are any pending questions, checking answers and decorating the paper.

• Remember to pay extra attention to negative signs in polynomials or numerical. One wrong sign can change the entire answer. If the paper is solved in a hurriedly creation of silly mistakes is high.

• More attention needs to be paid to the presentation in the answer sheet, maintain neatness and keep the paper clean. If a any cancellation is done, ensure to strike off with one line than scribble it over and over.

• Use the extreme right margin for rough work and calculations. This will prevent confusion of the examiner.

• Before writing the answer, ensure that the question number are mentioned correctly. Sometimes many ends up writing the wrong question number instead and end up losing marks.

Hence, as narrated above it’s evident that the preparation and writing for the subject is to be done carefully and meticulously. More focus is required on above points as well coupled with studying for scoring better marks in Math

Do remain, calm, composed and above all “stay positive” till the very end for best results.

For more tips or queries/doubts you can write to me on info@empowertutorials.com

Wishing You all the best!!!

Mrs. Aparna Huddar

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