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Few Tips To Parent’s For Stress Management

Few Tips To Parent’s For Stress Management

As a responsible parent, you can help your children cope with exam stress and fear by boosting their confidence and helping them perform better.Exams are full stress for you as well as your children.As parents, you can watch out for such signs and help your children relieve the stress.

As parents it can be difficult to know as to what steps to be taken in addition to walking on eggshells for the next few weeks, here are some tips to help you and your child feel more confident and less stressed through these challenging times.

An Extra Dose For Love & Encouragement

Students in class 8th to 10th experience puberty and adolescent phase.Teenagers are very good at pretending “they don’t’ care!”Sometimes an extra dose of love and care is needed at this time. Along with love, unconditional support and encouragement is needed. All parents want fantastic exam results.It is possible with your encouragement and support.During class tests /mock tests applaud good results with small rewards, this can help reducing stress.

Be A Sounding Board

Ask your children how was the exam but without being judgmental. Offer to be a listener without blaming them for anything. If they have made any mistakes in the exam then don’t make the burden of that exam spoil the next paper.Be encouraging about the next exam and keep them hopeful about the outcome.Let them know that you are there for support, whatever the outcome may be.

Maintain A Balanced Diet & Routine

Whether it’s the daily glass of milk or almonds or salads, make sure your child isn’t skipping meals and eating on time.Nutrition plays an important role in keeping energy levels high.Sleep of 7 – 8 hours is important too.

Know The Exam Timetable. Make Sure They Practice Exam Technique.

Time management plays a very important role during exams.Which questions to be tackled? What time should be allotted to a particular topic?As parents you must make sure that the student practices maximum tests.Possible evaluation of every test is important and improving on your mistakes in every test is essential.

Practical Timetable For Self Study

Students are often busy with unnecessary activities.From all these they hardly find time for self-study.They often give reasons to avoid self-study and keep themselves busy in homework,project work,sports.These activities even though essential don’t decide your destiny .Only daily self-study of 4 -5 hours can help increase board exam marks.This should be gradually increased to 10 -12 hours months before the exam.


Change Things Up For Better Results

Sometimes the children just get bored with constant studies and pressure. Some change in their study environment is required.How about taking them out to a coffee shop or a garden .It works very well as a change and as a treat-This serves a break from their routine & it gives them an opportunity to talk to you on a one on one basis.

Time For Exam

Try not to show tension on your face. A smile is always a better solution to handle stress. Motivate them and everything will be fine. You give your best…Ask “What can I do to help you?”   Specially after the paper don’t bother them with trivial questions regarding past papers, instead encourage them to perform with “All is Well” attitude for next exams.


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