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Confidence, Curiosity matters, while writing to Top your Biology Exam

Confidence, Curiosity matters, while writing to Top your Biology Exam

CBSE and ICSE, examination are on the anvil, and at this point in time, it’s important that students should be working hard sincere and earnest, as all would agree there are no short cuts to success. It’s important for the student to develop an element of curiosity while approaching studies.  Understanding the basic concept easily instead of learning by rote won’t work in biology.

Biology like all science is a subject which one can’t mug up. Concept and processes understanding are very important, and this calls for study every day and there is a linkage from each chapter and lessons understanding.  Last minute preparation would work with some subjects but not all and specially with Biology it will not work is what each student has to realize thus make a note of it and implement as well.

Following are certain tips that I would like to share –

  • Keep your papers and pen ready prior to you sit to study
  • Write down the important points and difficult words
  • Use of highlighter is equally important to mark important biological terms
  • Highlight the correct key word by understanding scientific & technical concept and process.

Once, the key words are highlighted and firmly embedded in mind, one should be in a position to create sentence to understand and thus explain. Memorizing sentences from the books is not the best of the things to do the reason being one word is forgotten the entire sentence will go for a toss.  It’s ideal that one writes processes and concept in his/her own words, so it also means one should have good command over English, both coining and writing. Stress more on function, location of various body parts in co-relation to biological parts, organ and glands.

Have the list of all abbreviation and learn to expand them properly with correct spelling, relate abbreviation to specific part of the body it deals in.  As you would agree in Biology Diagrams are very important and help us get a visual component to what and how we answer so one should stress on that.

Use time to do neat diagram and label it properly, it will help you understand the figures and guide you to answer the questions, at the same time do remember that one has to be monitoring accuracy and writing speed to complete the paper on time.  Writing skills is something everyone need to work upon, many of us are habituated with the copy paste actions, however, as a student writing skill are of outmost importance.

Multiple reading and revisions help to reinforce concept in one’s mind because it’s not possible to learn everything in just one reading. Continuous reading must be deeper and slower to collate facts.

Stress should also be put on solving sample papers, question papers of last few years, which will enable you to have exposure understand the framing of question, and also make you realize the time used by you to clear the exam and teach you on time management and form strategies.

One of the most important aspect is also time management during the examination and it will decide who does well academically and who doesn’t. Budgeting time is crucial without spending too much time on one question, but also remember quick and careless answering is also futile. Rather, clear analytical thinking will help intelligent, logically answering with confidence.

Ideally the first 15 minutes should be utilized to read and understand the questions, and that should help you to plan your answers intelligently helping you fetch more marks.

Finishing your paper 5 minutes earlier than the stipulated time is equally important so that the time is utilized to review the answers, if all questions are attempted and numbered them correctly.

Mrs. Rabia Shaikh

Senior Biology Teacher

Empower Education.


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