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As a Parent, often this question cross our mind as to whether one should opt for an ICSE Board or a CBSE board for his/her ward, and this is not with you alone its across and with varied inputs that we get from our known ones, its often confusing to decide upon and arrive at a consensus on what is the best for the child.

Education has been a paramount aspect for every parent and choosing the best curriculum is equally important to ensure that your wards future is shaped the way you expect with an eye to ensure his growth.

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) are the two popular boards available in India now, apart from the State boards, each child is unique in their own way and a decision on choosing the board will shape the future.

So, to get clarity over this here are few comparisons that should help you to make an informed decision, while the perception built around these confuse the student who regret about the choice of either board.

Curriculum: CBSE syllabus is really helpful if you choose your ward to prepare for competitive examinations like JEE, NEET, AIIM etc. Because CBSE syllabus is strong when it comes to theoretical knowledge, however when there is a need of practical knowledge that may be required to appear for TOEFL and like, then ICSE is advantageous.

Reach: ICSE board needs high command over English as it follows more of this, in contrast to CBSE board, which is easier, compact and also structured well without much preference and stress on English Language.

Acceptability:  ICSE is very good if one prefers to seek higher education from foreign universities, and at the same time CBSE is accepted widely across all the Universities irrespective of the course one is deciding to enroll.

Level: ICSE is too vast a curriculum and is considered to be both advantageous and disadvantageous, however, CBSE is compact and to the point.

Difficulty:  ICSE is considered to be more difficult in contrasts to CBSE, which is much easier, however, ICSE has more internal assessment and concept which can be applied in practical.

Relocation: If you are in a job that needs frequent relocation, then it’s ideal to opt for a CBSE over ICSE, because ICSE school in comparison to CBSE are far lesser and won’t available everywhere.

Subject: Range of subjects are offered under ICSE which is vast and huge, multiple languages are offered, like Kanada, Tamil Hindi, English etc. Students who have interest in Cookery, Fashion Design, Agriculture and have creative minds, and want to be an all-rounder can opt for ICSE.

Conclusion: The for and against


For: Good if you intend to have a compact course, are eager for competitive exams, easier syllabus, less stress on English, Science is one subject, more schools across the country, more stress on Science and Mathematics.

Against: No much focus on practical knowledge, English again has not been the focus, it’s a theory-based course and less importance on real-life aspects, and lack of indebt understanding


For: Vast Curriculum, with equal importance to each subject and concept

ICSE is recognized and accepted across all the foreign universities as compared to CBSE. Due to much stress on English as language the student has upper hand on examinations like TOEFL.

Against: The burden is higher, because the subjects are vast, paper checking is too strict which affects the marks.

While, both the boards take out the process of rote learning, and more stress is implied on experiment and experience learning, both these board adopt a learning process which is in line with the generation next which they think is apt.  Many parents are of the opinion that CBSE needs to improve their overall teaching technique in comparison to ICSE.  ICSE board is more flexible, all said and done, both the boards recognized by most of the universities and colleges.

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