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All About Examinations…

All About Examinations…

Board Exams are considered to be the most important stage in a student’s life, as students are about to complete the stage of schooling and marks secured in these examinations open various avenues further, therefore it is very important to plan the last few months.  A right and smart strategy for the same is important to make best use of the time available.  Here are some tips / suggestions that students can follow to give a finishing lap leading to score good marks.

  1. A) Asses Your Level of Preparation:

Read the syllabus carefully, take a print out if possible of every subject and post it near your study table, mark the topics that are to be read and those which need revision.  By this method you will also come to know those that are left out.

  1. B) Past year Question Paper Analysis: Past year are papers are the key to sharpening your studies. The concepts that read in text books and the kind of questions asked channelize your preparation in the right direction.
  2. C) Practice, Mock Test:

Mock test not only helps you to gauge your preparation level but also helps you to identify your strengths and weakness in different topics across various subjects. Read the solution properly, work on your silly mistakes, if possible note down your mistakes in a dairy, and try not to repeat those.  It is fine if you score less in some mocks, marks are not so relevant but improvement of mistakes and working on your weaker areas can help you improve.  It is often said that there is no better practice than match practice.  Solve one board paper each day, preferably in the exam time, in an ideal exam environment as the one you expect at your examination centre.

  1. D) Daily / Monthly plan: Plan your day very well, make a daily, monthly, time-table. Topics of each day to do should be listed and allocated necessary/ practical time for the same. Don’t over burden yourself too much.  Take an easy and a difficult subject in combination. Identify your biorhythmic cycle and plan difficult topics accordingly.

E). Exercise and Meditate: -Exercise and meditation help improve concentration. Retention of studies becomes easy with regular meditation practice, if you are too stressed try sitting clam and just observe your breath, if thoughts are still coming don’t react to them.  Trust observe and feel the mindfulness.

  1. F) Avoiding use of social media: This, is the one thing that is going to stand in the way between you and your goal. After you finish the study quota for the day keep one hour just for the internet.
  2. G) Last Minute Revision: Short and precise notes of brief answers can be useful for last minute revision before the exam day. Revise them till you feel confident.

And finally remember that “ Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard”.

Wishing you all the best.

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